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Real Name:  Di Farrell    Username: BBDihard

Di FarrellDi is the Membership Secretary of Team Blue Blood, she also organises the supply of Blue Blood Clothing and is on the committee helping with the day to day running of Team BB. She is a highly active, popular and involved member of Blue Blood with some impressive results as a player. She has played with success all over the UK and Europe as well as living and playing for a short time in the USA.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2007 Ladies Caesars Palace Championship, Las Vegas – Winner.
    (This also included in the prize a seat into the WSOP Ladies event 2007.)
  • 2015 WSOP Side event – Winner
  • Several other Vegas based tournaments – Winner.

In the past twelve months Di has cashed in

  • The Sky Main event and Mini event
  • Grand Prix, WPT, 25/25 series, and several other events.
  • She’s also final tabled several Dusk till Dawn 10,000 Gtd events



John Burberry

Real Name: John Burberry Username: BBCOLT


?John is a highly experienced and skilled player, well liked and respected by his peers. He used to be a Manager for a large European based company.  

He discovered Texas hold em In 1995 and in 2005 retired from his job and started playing full time travelling all round the world. In 1999 he had his first visit to Vegas and has been 20 times since.  John’s Hendon mob earnings show $298,276, but his largest win (to date) isn’t shown on this. 

His largest win was a $200 rebuy on Pokerstars where he cashed a highly impressive $80,000. John was married but his wife sadly passed away in 1997, leaving behind two children a boy and a girl, he also has two grandchildren to corrupt into the poker world. John “retired” from playing the circuit in 2011 and now mainly plays for fun. He is based in Dunstable and plays mainly at the Genting, Luton.





Real Name:  Rob Williams    Username: BBKING

Rob WilliamsI am  47 years old, born and raised in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I left College and joined the Army in 1987, based in the UK and Germany. When I left the Army I had a few jobs and eventually joined the Fire Service in Shawbury, near Shrewsbury, I’m still there to this day. I’m happily married to a wonderful lady called Gaynor, who is also a poker player (and a good one) and I have a brilliant Step son called Simon and a mad cat called Wilma.

I try and keep myself fit, usually running, I’ve got a half marathon coming up soon. But also have a huge weakness for anything chocolate. So it’s a battle. I have been playing the guitar badly for a couple of years, influences: Any 70’s 80’s Rock, but my favourite is BBKing (hence the username) I could listen to him all day. My passion – Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, our dream is to retire there one day, so hopefully the big poker win will come one day.  So basically I do running - badly, I love singing on karaoke - badly, I play guitar - badly and I play poker - badly, spot a theme here ?
How did I get into Poker ? Well Gaynor and I went into our local pub about a decade ago for a drink and noticed that there were some poker tables set up. I got talking to the bloke organising things and he told me it’s the Nuts poker league and we were invited to join in. We found we loved it and loved the cash tables even more afterwards. I outgrew the Nuts league pretty quickly and progressed to other organised games, home games, other closed door pub games and monthly trips to our local casino, the Walsall Grosvenor, just an hour down the road. Both Gaynor and I have final tabled a few times at Walsall (and won it occasionally).
I do prefer to play live, but the convenience of internet play has dragged me in. I play on a few sites under a few different names, Pokerstars, Coral, Partypoker, etc. My success hasn’t been as good on line, I have final tabled a couple of times on Pokerstars, finishing 6th and 7th. But the big win is still to come. I am constantly trying to improve my game. I feed like a poker vampire off the vast array of knowledge in the blue blood gang and on line off other sites. 



Real Name:  Mark England    Username: BBMrDarkAngel

Mark England

Mark was born in 1966 (old git) in Oxford and was raised in Abingdon. He had a tough few years at school but made it through and went onto study at the London metropolitan university Where he met his future wife, Helen. He left University with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Geography (very useful for plotting your way passed the donks and sharks) He then joined the real world landing a Junior Management role, moved around a bit and settled on a Senior role for the Environment agency. He left that in 2001 to set up his own garden design business, but the recession was not kind and after a good fight it folded in 2012.

Mark classes himself as a Semi-pro poker player and is also a partner in his wife’s floristry business. He married Helen in 1991, and they are blessed with two kids, Joe and Tilly. They live in Helen’s home village Chaddesley Corbett in Worcestershire. Mark used to play Rugby, but now prefers to watch it from the bar. He is an avid cyclist, both road and mountain biking. The England family (cool name) go skiing every year and Mark and Helen have enjoyed this hobby for 25 years. As if that isn’t enough, this adrenalin junky also enjoys amateur dramatics (again useful around the poker table, Drama Queen !)

He first played poker at the Vic in 1988 when he was a student. The game of choice then was 7 card stud or limit Hold em. He admits that in the early days he didn't have a clue what he was doing but loved it.  He’s been playing on the net for a long time and this is where he learned his trade. He’s playing on a few sites now, Coral ,Pokerstars, etc. He was an early member at Neil Channing's Black Belt Poker, and had a great time with Neil in Vegas when he won a satellite to a $1500 WSOP tourney in 2013. Mark’s Hendon Mob stats had until recently two significant entries on it, both in the £3k range, this was improved upon a few nights ago on Pokerstars in the $8.80 game finishing a very impressive third of 10,000 starters for $6,000.
Mark has had lots of final tables and small scores in the £40 to £300 range at Walsall Grosvenor, Broadway and Star City. Mark is a great guy, full of encouragement and motivation.  


Real Name:  Simon Hyde    Username: Shamblueblood

Simon Hyde

Si started playing poker in 2010, he classes himself as a student of the game who, like all of us should, is trying to become a better player. Si has not had the best of health, but recently things have improved and Si is now back grinding the virtual felt, he is also an active member in the group discussions and his comments and thoughts are always welcome.

He became a BB player around 2011 When a previous member introduced him. Si credits Blueblood for saving his life. He discovered Blueblood at a bad stage in his life it forced him to go out and play and the league gave him something to be part of again. He, like all of us, feel that Team BB is an extended family, always looking out for one and other. Si modestly credits blueblood for all of his success, being able to pick the brains of top BB players, as well as the vast array of training videos available has improved his game. Si has had some great results online, in 2013 he won “ Big55” for $16,900 and came third in the same week for $9'180. In early 2014 he came second in “The Bigger 5.50” for $5,900. There are many smaller cashes, too many to mention.

Si is single and lives with his dog 'Yoda' and plays mostly online, he does venture out to Dusk Till Dawn or Luton Grosvenor/Genting on occasion and his biggest live win to date was £3,200, he won a midweek comp for £1800, and many other smaller cashes. 


Real Name:  Matthew Wood    Username: BBphoenix

Matthew Wood

Matthew is a highly valued and respected member of Blue blood, he is 35 years old and lives in sunny Sheffield.

He started playing poker four years ago in his local pub and then moved along to grinding sit and goes on “Pkr” poker before finding local live casino tournaments that he loves. He specialises in tournaments or sit n go’s and in the last couple of years has progressed to some very notable cashes. His best live cash to date was in the “25 series” at Huddersfield for £7.200 and his best online cash was for £22,000 in the “Tcoop” series.

Poker has taken a small back seat in last year due to relationship issues (ah the youth of today) but he has tried to keep up with the curve to varying levels of success. Matthew loves being part of blue blood as he considers it family.  





Real Name:  Steve Ball    Username: Crazyowl11

Steve Ball

Steve is one of the original bloods, a great player and another active member of our happy gang. He is originally from Sheffield but now lives in Shrewsbury. He is self employed as a Sports betting analyst and is happily married to Helen. They have two lovely children, Henri and Max (another good poker player).

Steve classes following Sheffield Wednesday as a hobby, sounds more like torture to me J He is a Season ticket holder, he also enjoys the theatre, quizzes and visiting new places. Speaking of quizzes Steve also appeared on several TV Quiz shows including: The Krypton Factor (Grand Finalist), 15 to 1, The Other Half, The Chair and Pointless. Steve got his first five figure cash in the English open Deepstack at Broadway, Birmingham, he has travelled extensively and considers his favourite card room the Venetian, in Las Vegas. He cashed there in 2014 but is also proud that his Son Max won the tournament.


He has twice won the Blue Blood online poker league and was the biggest winner on sky poker plo8 league 2015. He also, won his first live APAT event last month when he won the PLO Event at Newcastle. He has another claim to fame I’m incredibly jealous of, he hasn’t had to add money to any of his online poker accounts for ten years. (I’ve made up for that). He plays on line as “worldbeater”, “ice_tiger” and “crazyowl11”  


Real Name:  Steve Redfern    Username: AMRNBlueBlood

Steve Redfern

Steve has played poker in one form or another since his school days when he played seven card stud for dinner money, he ate well most days. In 2007 he discovered online poker and tried to give a little more focus to his game. In 2009 he succeeded in a “Zero to $10k challenge” in line with the Chris Ferguson articles at the time (but he does admit to cheating by starting with $150, but that was his last deposit to date).

Since then he has become a regular on the APAT tour, culminating in gold medals as Captain of England at the 2013 World Amateur Team Championship, to go with the 2009 UK Amateur Championship and 2013 Cash Championship. Along the way he has spent time as a sponsored player, although coupling that with work commitments was a challenge too far. Now he plays for fun (and hopefully a little extra cash), but is always searching for the dream. Steve’s game of choice these days is PLO or PLO8 but he believes that no limit Hold em is soon to become a game of the past and mixed game poker (in his opinion) is the way forward.

Steve is a father of four amazing children, the eldest three of which have aspirations to swim at the very highest level. His eldest Son is ranked highly in the Welsh swim rankings with aspirations for Commonwealth competition, and his daughter is ranked number one in the world within her disability classification in her best event, and is a member of GB’s para swim team. Commitments to swimming are rapidly taking over his spare time and pushing poker to the back of the queue, however I like to squeeze sessions in whenever possible. (no wonder he’s attracted to fish and sharks, he’s obsessed with water!!).


Real Name:  Dawn Cooke    Username: BBDawnie65

Dawn Cooke

Dawn discovered poker by chance when a friend recommended it to fill her time after her funding for her PhD was dropped. She was very wary about the whole thing thinking it was rigged. On January the 4th 2010 she decided to have a go and deposited £40 with Coral. Since then she hasn’t used another penny of her own money (God that’s so annoying!).

She has travelled to some great places with her poker including Riga where she won the ladies event and Prague where the casino decided pictures of nude women made suitable ladies loo doors! Always keen to learn and grow her poker skills she has embraced training and coaching that she has received both within blue blood and outside. In the last 18 months she has helped others working on their mental game as she feels this is the key to longer term success. Dawn is a fun and active member of Team BlueBlood as well as being scarily good.

Dawn has had many proud moments in poker including being on the gold medal team in the APAT Championships, but getting an eleven way chop with 1.5 big blinds in Las Vegas this year ranks right up there! Outside of poker she runs her own training and consultancy business and has been in the education sector for over 20 years.

With the little spare time Dawn has she loves to take part in amateur dramatics (she’s the third one of Team BB that does Am Dram, maybe that’s the secret!) and especially Shakespeare where she has won awards for her performances. Dawn has been on the committee of blue blood for some time and at present is the Secretary. Blue blood is more than just poker to her and has been a wonderful support network with people she can truly call friends.  


Real Name:  Gordon McArthur    Username: GiMacBlueBlood

Gordon McArthur

Gordon more commonly known on the poker circuit as GiMac seems to have been around forever, but he only took up the game in 2006. He lost his cherry playing online and has amassed nearly $400k in online cashes, one of the highlights was making the final table of the Tribeca $100k guaranteed weekly game three weeks in a row.

He soon progressed to the live felt cutting his teeth in Newcastle’s local tournament and cash game scene and has final tabled GUKPT, GCBPT, European Deepstack, 25/25 Series and APAT events and in 2015 had a deep run in the Sky UKPC finishing 15th of 1002 runners. A former Captain of the APAT Scotland team, he is a great lover of mixed games and if there is a choice between NLHE or a variety of mixed games then GiMac will plump for the latter more often than not.

GiMac is a single dad of two teenage girls, after his wife passed away following a battle with Leukaemia. He also has two Labradors. This alone would keep most people busy but he has a full time career working in asset finance for a London based privately owned bank covering their North of England and Scotland region.

Gordon has been with Blueblood for a long time now, he is a liked and highly respected member of the team. He is always friendly at the table and is more than happy to offer advice or assistance to players less experienced than himself and always looking to learn from those who have more experience, so say hello if you meet him.  

Mark Cooper

Real Name:  Mark Cooper    Username: bbcoopocoop


I started playing poker in 2003 and played all over the world cashing in the Caribbean and Europe. I played in the EPT Barcelona having qualified online and was hooked ever since. Nowadays I play mainly at the G Casino Luton in their GUKPT events and 25/25 games. The structures in these games suit my playing style and my recent wins in the last two years have been two end of month £100 2 day tournaments and a £200 GUKPT side event for a total of £11,000.

Cash games are really my thing online with Coral and I have been working hard on moving over to the tournament scene with the help and training Blue Blood Poker provide.

I love what Blue Blood stands for and would recommend joining if you want to be part of a team and want to work on improving your game.